What to do in case of a breakdown?

During the rental period you are insured in case of a breakdown. If the car suddenly stops working properly, lights flash up or a unusual smell/smoke occurs stop the car immediately and bring it to a safe spot. Try to figure out what went wrong and call roadside assistance.

Contact our roadside assistance service via telephone number:

  • Netherlands: +31 (0)30-2087011 and choose option 1 
  • Sweden: +46-8-403 095 92 and choose option 1  

If your rental starts in the Netherlands you will be connected to Eurocross Assistance and in Sweden you will be connected to SOS international, who will help you with the breakdown situation.

Roadside assistance examines the nature of the problem and arranges the necessary assistance, for example via a mechanic or salvage company. When the vehicle is no longer drivable, it will be towed so that the car can be further examined at a garage. In case of breakdown in the country where you rented the car, you will receive a replacement transport for a maximum of 2 days.

 Breakdown and repairs abroad

Cars that are stranded and can not be repaired on the spot are almost always towed to the owner garage. When the SnappCar is stranded abroad, it will first be checked whether the car can be repaired within 4 calendar days. The costs for transport are high and so it will be repaired on the spot if possible. A garage will make a diagnosis and estimate which repairs have to be done and at what cost. It is important to keep in touch with the owner! 

Closing the booking

Normally you bring the car back to the owner and you can close the rent through the check-out. When the car is towed via a transport, this is usually not possible. It is wise to agree with the owner on how this check can still take place.

TIP: In case of breakdown, note the fuel level and mileage. This makes it much easier to do the check-out at a later date.