How do I limit my own risk?

If you rent a car through SnappCar, then there is a standard Own Risk. You must pay this amount for each claim. The amount depends on the market price of the car.

First SnappCar rental

In order to prevent damage and to make new renters more aware of the car, the own risk is increased by € 500 for a first booking. The past has shown that renters who rent a car for the first time, drive relatively more damages. The raised own risk can be bought off to a minimum of 250 euros. (€750,- if the renter is a first-time renter) In addition, with a first booking, expensive cars and vans are excluded from a rental. Only if you have already had a successful booking through our platform before, you can also rent a car or van from the more expensive class.

Limit your own risk

If you are 27 or older, you have the option to limit your own risk to 250 euro. You will pay a fixed amount per rental day so that, in case of damage, you have a deductible of 250 euro. The amount you pay per booking to limit the deductible can be found in the right-hand column:

Car’s day price


Limited deductible

Amount per day to limit

€ 0 - 62,50

€ 1.750

€ 250

€ 19,95

€ 62,50 - 92,50

€ 2.000

€ 250

€ 29,95

€ 92,50 and up

€ 2.250

€ 250

€ 39,95

You can find more information about lowering the deductible in the Policy conditions.