Unsettled payments

You won’t be able to rent a car as long as you have unsettled payments. You’ll find an overview of payments due on the website once you are logged in. It shows the amounts due per booking in your Dashboard. These can be paid instantly by clicking the booking and the connected payment link.

Will I receive an invoice?

Since our platform solely consists of private cars, you won’t receive an invoice.

Because it is a booking between two individuals, SnappCar does not send an invoice. In the booking overview, you will find all payments (including VAT). This overview is easy to download and / or print. When you have paid for a booking, you will also receive a cost overview of the booking by e-mail.

Payment options

You will receive an email with payment options as soon as the car owner has accepted your rental request. You’ll be able to pay by clicking the links in the email or by logging into our website. When you click on "Pay" you will automatically be redirected to the secure payment environment of the Adyen Foundation. This international organisation facilitates the payments via our platform. The payment is handled with iDeal.

Do you have questions about your outstanding payments? Please contact our Community Support team.

Collection agency

In the case of outstanding payments, SnappCar will always send multiple e-mails as a reminder, as well as a text message. These messages are sent through dunning@snappcar.nl, and it is the responsibility of the user to keep an eye out for these notifications. As a company policy, SnappCar will not reactivate users that have been sent to a collection agency.