What is the insurance Coverage?

SnappCar cooperates with one of the largest car insurance companies in the world: Allianz. This allows you to rent carefree. During the rental period, the car insurance of the lessor is temporarily replaced by the insurance policy of SnappCar. The insurance fee (including insurance tax) is included in the rent. This is the same regardless of the type or brand of car.

Insurance during the booking

The SnappCar insurance is in effect during the booking. This will apply, so to speak, an extra layer of coverage over the insurance of the owner. Should damage occur during the booking then it will be handled through Allianz.

With the full casco coverage, you are extensively covered against damage, theft, and vandalism. But as with any insurance, there are also exclusions. Damage due to technical defects on the vehicle, for example, caused by (natural) wear and tear, are not covered.

Should damage have occurred during the booking, you should note this on the basis of a photograph and a short description during the check-out. Our Community Support Team then receives a damage report and will pass it on to the insurer. Read how to report a new damage.

In the event of a collision with a counterparty, all passengers are insured for the damage they suffer as a result of an accident; however, when the driver is at own fault, there is no cover for the driver himself, but only for the other passengers. The driver can address his own health insurance for this.


Roadside assistance

In case of a breakdown we also provide help. This means that if you have a breakdown during the booking, you can call in the help of SnappCar. Contact our roadside assistance service via telephone number:

  • Netherlands: +31 (0)30-2087011 and choose option 1

You will be connected to Eurocross Assistance, they will help you with the breakdown situation.

Eurocross examines the nature of the problem and arranges the necessary assistance, for example via a mechanic or salvage company. When the vehicle is no longer drivable, it will be towed so that the car can be further examined at a garage. In case of a breakdown in the Netherlands, you will receive a replacement transport for a maximum of 2 days. Read more about breakdown service here.

Own risk

With damage, the own risk is applied per event which is charged to you as a renter. If you rent a car through SnappCar, there is a standard own risk. You must pay this amount for each claim. This amount depends on the daily price of the car. In some cases there are options to partially waive this amount. You will pay a fixed amount per day so that, in the event of damage, you have a lower deductible. Read more about the own risk here.


Are you going abroad? Even then you are insured, for € 5,- per day. You must indicate this prior to your booking and always request permission from the owner. Without his or her permission it is not allowed to take the car abroad.

Insurance certificate

In the booking confirmation that you receive from us by e-mail, you will also find the international insurance certificate from our insurer Allianz. The international insurance certificate is not the same as the green card, but is accepted as a valid insurance certificate in the vast majority of European countries.

Green card

In a number of countries you are obliged to be able to display a green card. Countries where a green card is mandatory: Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Belarus, Cyprus, Israel, Morocco, Moldova, Montenegro, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine.

If you plan to visit one of the above countries, make sure you have contacted the SnappCar support team a maximum of one week in advance, they will ensure that you receive a green card! Our support team is available from Monday to Friday between 09.00 - 18.00 via email: support@snappcar.nl.

View the insurance policy of Allianz for more information.