What are the requirements to start renting out my car through SnappCar?

Renting a car via SnappCar is very simple. However, you must meet a number of conditions that we have drawn up together with our insurance partner Allianz:

  • You are the registered owner of the car
  • The vehicle is entirely your property
  • The car must at least be insured for civil liability (WA)
  • The car is well maintained and in rentable condition
  • You have a profile on SnappCar and have been verified by our system

Click here for the full Terms and Conditions.

Are you not the rightful owner of the car?

In this case, you must be able to submit a written authorization showing that the lawful owner has authorized you to rent out the car.


It may be that your insurance does not allow explicitly to rent out your car, which you can check in your insurance policy or by contacting your insurer. In the case of a lease car, you must be able to demonstrate the permission of the leasing company in advance and Snappcar must have permission to offer the car on the Platform.

Maximum number of cars

It is not allowed to add more than three vehicles to the profile and/or rent through our platform. Commercial rental of vehicles is not allowed.

Tracking devices

To determine a vehicles geolocation or consult other data nowadays some cars have built-in tracking devices. Some cars that can be booked through the SnappCar platform are also equipped with a tracking device.

Private tracking devices from car owners

We explicitly ask owners to mention applicable information about tracking devices on the profile page of their car. If you have any questions about this device, you can ask the owner.  SnappCar does not have access to the tracking device, geolocation of the car or other information about the tracking device. Also, access to the information or reading the data from the tracking device is the responsibility of the owner.

Tracking devices for SnappCar Direct/keyless rentals

SnappCar Direct/keyless rentals have tracking devices that are built-in by SnappCar. For more information about these cars and how we use the tracking data please consult our Privacy Policy.