Where can I find which information?

When you log in to snappcar.nl you will go to your personal SnappCar page. Here you can set the most important details of your profile, and check and adjust your settings. Think of your car photos, daily price, and your profile text. In addition, you can find current and old bookings and you can send messages to renters.

In the main menu you will find the categories My Cars, My Trips, Help, Messages and Dashboard. We explain below what you can find on which page:

My Cars


  • Reservations
    Here you can find an overview of your reservations. You can find the booking details here, accept bookings, refuse or cancel and start check-in and check-out.
  • Edit car & calender
    Under 'Edit car & calender' you can adjust your car settings, including your calendar, rental price and photos.
  • Add a car
    If you want to add another car you can do so under 'Add car'.

My Trips


  • Bookings
    If you are also active as a renter in addition to an owner, you will find these bookings here.
  • Favorites
    An overview of all cars that you have saved as favorites.



  • Help Center
    If you are not able to figure it out or if you are looking for some extra information, you can find the answer to your question through our Help Center.
  • How SnappCar work
    On this page you can read more about how SnappCar works.
  • Private Lease
    In addition to our platform, we also offer Private Lease. You will find here all information about our private lease offers.
  • Leave Feedback
    You can also find the opportunity to send us feedback.



Your correspondence with your renters can be found under 'Messages'. If you have a question concerning a booking you can contact the renter here.



  • Dashboard
    Via your profile photo in the top right corner you can go to your Dashboard page where you can find an overview of your most recent messages, a short overview of your car profile and the option to view your profile.
  • Edit Profile
    Via 'Edit profile' you can, among other things, adjust your contact details and write a short description about yourself.
  • Log out