Receiving a rental request

When a renter wants to rent your car they will send a rental request. You’ll receive a message through the App or a text message(and email) when this happens. These will contain more information about the rental period and your earnings.

You can accept or decline the request, if you want some more information you can also send a direct message at any time via ‘Messages’ on the website or app. In case you want to accept the rental request, you click the button for acceptance. After this, the renter will find an email with a payment link in its inbox to seal the deal.

Note: Always let a renter know what he or she is up to by accepting or refusing. If you do not respond, this will be at the expense of your ranking in the search results.

When you accept the request, the renter can pay the booking. You will receive a confirmation when the payment has been completed. The booking is then final. The car is no longer available to others for the booked period.

Please note: if the requested times of the booking are not correct, make sure you notify the renter before he/she pays. The renter can send you a new request with the correct bookings times. Read more about changing or canceling a booking here.