What is the insurance coverage?

SnappCar cooperates with one of the largest car insurance companies in the world: Allianz. This allows you to rent carefree. The insurance meets the requirements of the ‘Wet Aansprakelijkheidsverzekering Motorvoertuigen’ (WAM). The Casco cover provides cover against almost all sudden external causes such as theft, darkening and window breakage. The car is insured against the technical insurance value.

Insurance during the booking

SnappCar insurance is in effect between check-in and check-out. This will apply, so to speak, an extra layer of coverage over your insurance. Should damage occur during the booking then it will be handled through Allianz. This way your no-claim will be protected, for example. In principle, there is no need to notify your insurance company because it plays no role during a booking.

All Risk insurance

Our insurance partner provides an all-risk insurance that covers your car for its current market value, up to € 90.000,- maximum.

Certificate of insurance

When the renter pays for the booking we will send him/her the confirmation and the international certificate of insurance. The international certificate of insurance is not the same as the green card, but is accepted as a valid certificate of insurance by the majority of European countries.

Green card

In some countries, your renter is obligated to show a green card. Countries where a green card is obligatory: Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Belarus, Cyprus, Israel, Morocco, Moldova, Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine.

In case your renter is planning to visit one of the above-mentioned countries, he or she needs to have contacted SnappCar’s support team at least one week in advance. They will ensure that the renter receives a green card!

Better safe than sorry

Damage to the car can never be 100% prevented. But a careful start does help. Make sure that any existing damage is discussed at the start of the booking and note this at the check-in. Point clearly to the existing damage to the car. In addition, clearly and completely discuss the most important aspects and instructions of the car (fuel, clutch, etc.). Thus, the renter has as much relevant information as possible to drive the car carefully. For example, point out the tenant on setting the mirrors (exterior mirrors and rear view mirror).

With a first booking, expensive cars and vans are excluded from a rental. 

What if there is damage during booking?

Note the new damage during the check-out. The most common damages are covered by insurance because they are caused by external calamities (eg a scratch or dent). Please note that some parts are subject to wear and there is depreciation. E.g. a flat tire, you can submit this damage to us and the tire will be replaced. You will be reimbursed based on the status of the old tire. This is determined by the insurance company on the basis of the profile depth.

Technical damage is not reimbursed by Allianz as this is almost always due to wear and tear of the vehicle. If there is a technical defect, eg a broken alternator, the car will be towed to your garage at our expense. However, the costs of the repair are on your account. Because this is not the renters fault. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the car is well maintained with good working parts. Read here how to report a new damage.

Breakdown during booking

During the booking period, we also help the renter in the event of a breakdown. Does your renter have a breakdown during the booking? Read here what to do.

Take a look at the insurance policy of Allianz for more information.

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