What if my renter has a breakdown during the booking?

During the rental you are insured in case of a breakdown. If the car suddenly stops working properly, warning lights come on, or there is development of a strange odour/smoke the renter must immediately park the vehicle in a safe place.

Then they can call our breakdown service Eurocross Assistance via

  • Netherlands: +31 (0)30-2087011, choose option 1

Please note that due to unforeseen busyness, chances are that it will take longer than usual to get through. We ask for your patience and understanding. 

In the event of breakdown in the Netherlands, the renter receives a replacement transport for a maximum of 2 days. In the event of a breakdown abroad, there is a possibility for replacement transport for a maximum of 4 days. There is only a right of replacement transport if the car can not be repaired within 4 calendar days. Should the car be repaired, then the renter can safely get on its way with your SnappCar and the use of a replacement car is not necessary. Replacement transport can be a replacement car, but also a train or taxi ride, in the estimation of the breakdown service. Please note: the category of the replacement car is not specifically geared to the size of the rented car, but to provide a solution for the mobility problem.

Repairs in the Netherlands

Cars that are stranded and can not be repaired on the spot are almost always towed to the owner's auto repair shop. Our Support Team will contact the owner by telephone to provide the address of the preferred auto repair shop. In the event of an accident with a lot of damage to the car, the vehicle is towed to a special repair shop near the owner. When repair is possible but the costs are above € 250 the approval of the owner will be requested. Cars that can be repaired immediately will be repaired immediately for costs below € 250.00, for costs above € 250 we ask the owner for approval. In both cases we invoice the repair costs to the owner afterwards or renter and owner can solve this amongst themselves.

Repairs abroad

When the SnappCar is stranded abroad, an analysis must be made whether or not the car can be repaired within 4 calendar days. The costs for transport are very high and so, if possible, repair will take place on the spot. An auto repair shop will make a diagnosis and estimate which repairs must be done and at what cost. For repairs above € 750, the owner is contacted for approval. In any case we invoice the repair costs to the owner afterwards or renter and owner can solve this amongst themselves.

Check-out in case of breakdown

When the car is towed, it is usually not possible to complete the check-out. The check of the car, the recording of the fuel level and the number of kilometers driven must therefore take place afterwards. It is wise to discuss with the renter in what way the check can be completed.