What are your earnings with SnappCar?


When you rent out your car via SnappCar you can pick your own day price. That way you have control over what you want to earn on your car if you rent it out for a day. So you can ensure that the revenues outweigh the invested time.

If you rent out your car you will receive 80% of the rental income (including any extra kilometers) 10% is deducted for the SnappCar platform, and 10% (with a minimum of € 4,50) is deducted for the insurance, your no-claim protection, our 24/7 breakdown assistance and our service.

Determine rental price

You determine your rental price easily on the basis of the following three things: 

  • Daily price
    This is the asking price to rent your car one day. You can determine the price of your car yourself *. You can adjust this at any time on your car profile page.

    Not sure what the right price for your car is?

    SnappCar gives a recommended price based on your model and type of car. You can also take a look at the prices of similar cars on SnappCar.

    * In connection with the insurance it is important that the price set is at least 75% of our recommended price.

  • Amount of free kilometers
    In addition to the rental price, you also enter the number of free kilometers per day. This is the number of kilometers per day that the renter is allowed to drive without paying a kilometer-fee. The lower you put the free kilometers, the faster the renter has to pay extra and the more you earn. However, if you increase the number of free kilometers, your car will become more attractive to renters.

    By default, the free kilometers are 100 km per day. For example, if you rent out for 3 days, the renter can drive a total of 300 km "free" before he or she has to pay extra. 

  • Price per kilometer
    This is the price per kilometer in case the number of free kilometers is exceeded. The price per extra kilometer is standard at € 0.15 but you can adjust this yourself.

Insurance and services

Every booking at SnappCar is insured. Through our insurance partner Allianz your car is insured against damage, theft and vandalism, and in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, your no-claim is protected.

In addition to your car, your renter and his or her occupants are also insured from the moment your car leaves until it is back at your doorstep. You bear part of the costs for this insurance as an owner and the remaining part is for the renter. Read more about the insurance here. <link>

The SnappCar fee

The SnappCar fee is the amount you pay for SnappCar's service. These service costs are divided between the renter and the owner on each booking. 

Other variables to take into account

  • Whole and half days
    A one-day rental equals a period between 8 and 24 hours. When you rent out your car for less than 8 hours, it would count as half a day. When you rent half a day you receive 75% of the daily earnings. The renter receives 75% of the free kilometers with a half day booking. You can decide if you want to offer your car for half a day bookings. 

  • Rental discount
    You can make it attractive for tenants to rent your car for longer. You do this by turning on the multi-day discount. If you rent your car for 3 to 6 days, your renter will receive a 10% discount, for 7 days or more he will receive a 15% discount. The discount is deducted from your rental earnings. You can decide whether you want to enable the multiple day discount on your car profile page.

Payout of the rental earnings and mileage

A booking is not complete until the renter has paid. This amount is then set aside on the payment account of Stichting Adyen, they facilitate our payment transactions.

After the rental period, you and the renter will record the kilometers driven. Based on these mileages, our system automatically calculates whether extra kilometers have been driven. If applicable, the amount is collected from the renter.

A booking will be paid within 48 hours after completion of the check-out. In the My Rentals overview you can view the transaction details per booking (click on the booking).

When the check-out is not completed, the booking is automatically closed after 48 hours and payment will be made after seven working days.

Note: we can only transfer the amount to your account if you have entered our bank details in your account. You can add this via My Profile> My details> Bank details> Save.


A tenant does not have to pay a deposit at SnappCar for the car that is rented. However, the tenant authorizes us to collect any additional costs after the booking, such as traffic fines or the deductible on damage. More information about these costs can be found in our General Terms and Conditions.


For The Netherlands: As long as you rent out your car 'incidentally', you do not have to report this to the tax authorities. On average, as a private individual, you can earn up to 5.000-6.000 euros per year tax-free. Because it concerns a transaction between private individuals, you do not have to pay VAT over this amount.

Only when you exceed this 'tax-free' amount, or if there is a commercial lease, you have to report this to the tax authorities. The tax authorities make a distinction between 'business' and 'incidental' - what applies to you is best judged by yourself.

When you rent out your car with the intention to make a profit with it and put energy into recruiting 'customers', then it is no longer incidental. Do you have the car online and you rent the car without difficulty eg 15x per year and you earn something with it then that is incidental.

For more information or contact we would like to refer you to the website of De Belastingdienst.
For information about taxes in our other countries, contact their support.

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