How do we handle half and whole rental days?

SnappCar prices are divided into a price for half a day or a full day. Renting out one day means that the renter will book your car for a minimum of 8 hours and a maximum of 24 hours.

You can also rent your car for less than 8 hours. In that case, we call it half a day booking. When you rent out half a day you receive 75% of the daily earnings. The renter therefore receives 75% of the number of free kilometers.

You can decide whether you want to make your car available for half a day. Do you want to rent your car for at least one day? Then you can set this up via My cars. On this page you will find all the settings of your car. Choose 'One day' for the minimum rental period. Your car will then only be shown in the search results for a search of at least eight hours. If the minimum rental period is set to 'None', your car can also be rented for less than 8 hours.

Renters that rent a car via SnappCar don’t pay surcharges during weekends, nights or vacations.

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