How does an extension work?

Renters have the option to extend an existing rental once. This may be necessary due to unexpected circumstances (e.g. a considerable traffic jam) in which case the renter is not able to return the car at the set time. With an extension of the booking the insurance is prolonged. These are the most important points of an extension:

  • A renter can extend a booking only once
  • The renter must request an extension via
  • You as an owner - when agreed - must accept the extension
  • The renter must pay the extension as soon as possible after acceptance. Only then is the extension correctly administered and the car is insured.

The above steps must be taken before the end time of the initial booking. Extend a booking well in advance, at least one hour before the end time. If the booking is not paid before the end time, it will expire, an extension is no longer possible and the car is no longer insured.

Why is a good extension important?

A good extension is crucial for the extension of the insurance of your car. An unsuccessful extension will be a hassle for everyone. It takes time to properly administer user times, mileage and financial aspects.

When should I discuss an extension?

It is advisable to explicitly ask the renter about the desire for an extension at the start of each booking. Also indicate clearly if the booking cannot be extended and the car has to be returned on time (for example for your own use or for another booking).


Clear and timely communication between the renter and the owner is crucial. Do this by telephone and a few hours before the end of the booking. Important: the renter must make the payment of the extension no later than 1 hour before the end of the initial rental period. Only then is the extension correctly administered.

How does the renter pay for the extension?

The renter pays the extension just like a booking. This can be done via iDeal. Ask explicitly whether the renter can pay via mobile phone and / or if the renter has the bank payment device (eg random reader) with him.

What if the extension fails?

First send the support team an email if the extension of the booking has not gone well. Do this with reference of "Extension (Booking number ######)" so that the support team is up-to-date. Then make sure that the renter submits a new rental request. After your quick acceptance, the renter can also pay immediately. Direct telephone contact is smart in these situations.

Do you have concerns about the renter? Please contact us via or 030 208 7011, so we can look into it. Keep the booking number at hand.

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