How do I report a damage?

Damaged car? We’re here to help! In case of a damage make sure to document it correctly. If the renter didn't already do so, make some clear photos of the damaged part and make sure you note this during check-out. When you check-out a booking you are able to note all the new damages and a report of this will be send to our Community Support Team and our insurer.

Only in case of an accident with another car/party it's necessary that the renter fills out the European Damage Form together with the other party. The damage form can be found here: European damage form.pdf

What if I did not see the damage during the check-out?

For Allianz it is important that it can be demonstrated that the damage occurred during the rental period. It is therefore extremely important that the damage is added during the check-out.

Do you notice damage after the end of the booking? Please report the damage as soon as possible (and within 48 hours after the end of the booking) via Afterwards get in contact with the renter directly. When you both have come to the conclusion that the damage occurred during the rental period, we can submit it to Allianz. You can request the damage form from Snappcar and complete it with the renter. We will submit this claim with Allianz.

Note: a damage found 48 hours after the booking can unfortunately not be processed.

How will the damage be handled?

After completing the check-out, the new damage is immediately reported to Allianz. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail. As a rule, Allianz will contact you by telephone or e-mail within a few working days to discuss damage. Allianz informs you about and refers you to the nearest connected damage repair company. You can then make an appointment with the damage repair company to have the damage repaired.

As soon as Allianz has received the invoice from the repair company, they will transfer the amount of the damage. This can be transferred to you or directly to the car repair company. Afterwards we charge the own risk to the renter.

More information about the insurance policy of Allianz can be found here. Or take a look at the insurance policy of Allianz: