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Cancellation costs and general penalty policy.

When renting a car on SnappCar you agree to the General Terms and Conditions. This also includes the rules for cancellation and the general penalty policy. You can find here the specific costs that come into effect.

Cancelling a paid booking

If you want to cancel a paid booking (without consultation with the renter or a good reason) we can charge extra costs. With a cancellation within more than 24 hours before the start, the renter receive is complete amount as a refund. If you cancel within 24 hours (without a valid reason, to be determined by SnappCar Community Support) you risk a 75 euro fine.

You can cancel a booking online via My reservations > My bookings > click on the relevant booking > click Cancel.

To participate in SnappCar, you give your consent to the General Terms and Conditions

Do you have doubts about the renter? Please contact us via  Please also mention the booking number.

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