Why rent a SnappCar?

Use towards ownership

SnappCar is a platform which can be used by anyone who wants to travel from A to B on a fun, easy and profitable way. Our growing community exists of engaged renters and owners who are facing mobility on a smart way.

You might want to visit friends, take your family along a weekend trip or need a van for moving. There is always a SnappCar available for the right occasion.

With more than 50.000 SnappCars, you’ll always find a car around the corner of where you live, you can rent for a period that fits your needs and contribute to a more sustainable society.

Make a contribution to a sustainable society

The goal of SnappCar is to have 5 million less cars in Europe by 2022. Less cars on the road means a reduction of C02 and more space to live. The more cars we share with each other, the less cars we need!

SnappCar advantages

  •       Financially attractive
    Renting a SnappCar is cheaper than a regular car-rental
  •       Easy and close-by
    There is always a SnappCar available in your neighbourhood, easy to book.
  •       Plenty of choice
    Find easy and fast a suitable car for the right occasion.

Which role does SnappCar play?

SnappCar offers a platform which connects car-owners who like to share their car with people who don’t own, but occasionally need car. We also make sure that the car is insured during the booking.

Our Community Support will provide all the answers to questions you might have with regards to using SnappCar. Anything concerning your booking or roadside assistance. SnappCar is there for you!

Obviously, you’d like to have a good insurance when you rent a car. SnappCar is cooperating with Allianz, one of the leading insurance organisations worldwide. Together with them, we ensure that you and your fellow passengers are protected.

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