What is SnappCar?

Our mission for 2022: 5 million cars less in Europe!

Did you know that there are 250 million cars in Europe that are not being used for an average of 23 hours per day? That is such a waste! If we use the cars together then we will need less cars on the road. That’s the way how we reduce the CO2 emissions for the production of cars. We will also live more consciously and enjoy more space in the streets. Plus the extra benefit of getting to know more people in your neighbourhood!

SnappCar facilitates renting and renting a car by private individuals. Fully insured, simple, and fun!

Simply put: do you need a car? Then you can rent one directly in your neighbourhood. Do you own a car that you don’t use as much? Share it with your neighbourhood and earn back your monthly car expenses.

Happy Snapping!

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