SnappCar Keyless

SnappCar now offers the possibility for owners to rent out their car even more easily. With SnappCar Keyless there is no need for a physical key handover, because renters open and close your car with the SnappCar app. Now you can rent out your car at times that were not possible before. 



How does a SnappCar Keyless rental work? 

  • A rental request

Just like normal rentals, you can accept or refuse rental requests. The benefit of SnappCar Keyless is that it allows renting out your vehicle without the need to be physically there. Further, it makes the  use of ‘Instant Booking’ more easily, since the availability of the vehicle is no longer dependent on the availability of you as an owner. As usual, all renter-profiles that do a rental request are verified by SnappCar.

  • The rental preparation 

If you know a rental is coming up you have to prepare your vehicle. Leave the car- keys with the keyfob in the keyfob-holder in the glove compartment. Then lock the car using the SnappCar app(Android/iOS): go to ‘Cars’ > Keyless > Close car. Or use the SnappCar website ‘My cars’ > ‘Edit car and calendar’ > ‘Car settings’ > Close car. The renter will be able to unlock the vehicle as soon as the rental period starts using the SnappCar App.

  • The check-in and check-out

Checking-in and checking-out is very easy. The renter can locate the vehicle when the check-in opens. When at the vehicle, the renter can start the check-in process and open the vehicle. The SnappCar Keyless-technology automatically registers the mileage and, depending on car compatibility, the fuel level. There might be a difference in the mileage recorded by the SnappCar Keyless-technology and mileage on the odometer in the car. This depends on the compatibility of the car. The renter needs to check the vehicle extra carefully beforehand and it is highly recommended to take pictures during both the check-in and check-out. When the check-in is completed, the immobilizer is deactivated and the renter can take the car key from the Keyless-box and start the vehicle. You as an owner do not have to worry about anything. The same applies for the check-out. During the rental, the renter uses your vehicle as usual, opening and closing the vehicle with the car key.

  • After the rental

You’ll receive a message that the renter has checked-out. Once the rental is over, you as owner can locate your vehicle again using the SnappCar App. If you need to use your vehicle, open it with the SnappCar app and take the keys from the keyfob-holder. Then, you can use the vehicle as usual, until you need to prepare the vehicle for a new rental. 

What is the benefit for me as an owner? 

SnappCar Keyless removes the necessity for a physical key-handover between owner and renter. This results in ease and flexibility during rentals. The availability of the vehicle is no longer dependent on the availability of you as an owner, to be on sight during check in and check out. Therefore, the vehicle can be rented out more often and it takes less hassle. 

Can I still use the car for my own personal use? 

Of course! When you want to use your vehicle if it is not rented out, you just use it as you always do (with the car key). With SnappCar Keyless you only need to lock and unlock your vehicle using the SnappCar App, before and after each rental. 

Before the rental, put the keyfob (with car key) in the keyfob-holder in the glove compartment, then leave the car, close the doors and lock your vehicle using the SnappCar App. 

After the rental, unlock your vehicle with the SnappCar app(not with a spare key), then grab the keys from the keyfob-holder in the glove compartment. After this, you’re able to unlock, start and use your vehicle normally, until the next rental.

Is it possible to have back to back rentals with SnappCar Keyless? 

SnappCar Keyless allows for back to back rentals. Keep in mind that the condition of the vehicle is checked by every renter when they perform the walkaround inspection at check-in and check-out. Photos of the check-in and check-out of these rentals can be checked by SnappCar if an incident is reported. 

When your back to back rentals have more than 24 hours between them, you need to check the condition of your vehicle. When you detect damage that has not been reported at check-out by a renter, you should inform SnappCar Support within a day. 

Can I still rent out my car normally with SnappCar Keyless? 

No, when you have a SnappCar Keyless subscription all rentals will be carried out through the Keyless app (and thus without a physical key-handover). Off course you can be present at the check-in or check-out, if you prefer to do so. 


Requirements and installation

What are the requirements to get my car equipped with the SnappCar Keyless technology? 

In order to be equipped with the SnappCar Keyless technology, your vehicle must be:

  • Less than 8 years old and with a mileage less than 150.000 km at the start of the subscription. 
  • Equipped with a central locking system
  • Parked in a publicly accessible spot (accessible on foot). So, not in a restricted access parking area.
  • Parked in an area with mobile internet coverage (e.g. not an underground parking garage)

NB: SnappCar is always allowed to refuse participation to SnappCar Keyless based on the reasons mentioned above and/or any other grounds as laid down in the SnappCar Terms & Conditions. 


How long does the installation of SnappCar Keyless take? 

The installation of the technology is done by our installation partner and will take approximately 3 hours. The garage will get in touch with you to make an appointment for installing the SnappCar Keyless-technology. 

SnappCar Keyless is installed in my car, what happens now? 

A couple of days before installation you will receive an email with instructions on how future rentals will take place. Once the installation is complete, a member of our team will get back in touch with you to explain the process once more and check if everything works accordingly. It is important to test the Keyless system directly after installment. Possible defects need to be reported to SnappCar within 8 days of the installment. 

I am interested in SnappCar Keyless, where can I find more information?

On you can find more information about SnappCar Keyless. There you can leave your contact details and plan a calendly appointment. Then our team will get in touch with you to tell you all about the possibilities with SnappCar Keyless.


Technology and privacy

What kind of technology is installed in my car? 

The SnappCar Keyless-technology enables communication with the SnappCar-platform. It is installed in such a way that is invisible from outside the vehicle. A small keyfob holder is built in the glove compartment with a keyfob in it, which allows for activation and deactivation of the immobilizer. This is an electronic security device that prevents the engine from running and thus reduces vehicle theft. 

What data is being collected with the SnappCar Keyless-technology? 

The SnappCar Keyless-technology registers the fuel level (depending on compatibility), mileages, GPS-coördinates and general user-data of the vehicle. This data will not be shared with third parties in a way that it can be traced back to identifiable individuals, unless SnappCar is obliged to do so and/or if there is a well-founded reason, such as suspicion of abuse or fraudulent activities.
Note: Not all car models register all the necessary information. SnappCar will mention this when going through the application for a SnappCar Keyless subscription. 

What about my privacy outside of SnappCar rentals, will I be tracked? 

The SnappCar Keyless-technology is always active, also outside of rentals. However, the SnappCar platform only communicates with the SnappCar Keyless-technology during an active rental period. Data that is  collected outside of rental periods is only consulted if there is a well-founded reason, such as suspicion of abuse or fraudulent activities. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information. 


Damages and theft

What happens if a renter has damage? 

All SnappCar rentals are insured by our insurance partner Allianz that provides an all-risk insurance. For all SnappCar Keyless-rentals, the regular Terms & Conditions (and insurance  conditions) apply. Therefore, the regular procedure for handling damages applies. The renter has to report any damage made during the rental at the check-out, as well as any unreported damage that they noticed at the check-in. In the Help Center you can read more about what to do in case of a damage. 

How can I report damages that were not reported at the check-out? 

For all SnappCar Keyless bookings, the renter agrees with the (additional) Keyless Terms &  Conditions. In these T&C’s it is explicitly stated that there is a legal presumption that the renter is responsible for damages that were not reported at check-out, but noticed by the owner within 24 hours. If, when checking your vehicle, you notice any damage that wasn’t reported during check-out, you should report the incident to SnappCar. 

The owner needs to have a clear and complete set of pictures of the vehicle available on their account, that are regularly updated. The renter needs to take photos of the vehicle from different angles, at both check-in and check-out. These can be compared to the actual state of the vehicle, with damage. If the renter deliberately takes unclear photos, they will be held responsible for any damage. Further handling of possible damage goes according to the regular damage procedure.

Could my car be stolen with SnappCar Keyless as the keys are in the car? 

Your car will be locked by the renter after each rental, and unlocked by you or by the following driver via the app. The key is left behind in the keyfob-holder in the glove compartment, invisible from the outside of the vehicle. 

When your car is locked with the SnappCar Keyless technology, the immobilizer activates automatically. This means that if someone opens your vehicle without using the Keyless technology, the ignition immobilizer stays on. As a result, even with a key, it is impossible to start the car. 

Also, the technology allows you to locate your vehicle at any time (except during a live rental). 

NB: Please note that we unfortunately can not 100% guarantee your car’s safety, as there will always be a risk that a car might be stolen. However, we can assure you that the keyless technology does not implicate a higher risk of car theft. 

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