Do I pay a deposit while renting a SnappCar?

If you rent a car at SnappCar you only pay a deposit if you are younger than 27 years. You pay the deposit before the start of your booking and be effective as long as you rent via SnappCar. When booking a car via our platform you explicitly agree to our General Terms and Conditions. In there we state that in specific cases we are allowed to deduct money from your bank account, for example in case of extra mileages or for deductible after handling a damage case.

In principle, the deposit is not used for the payment of these costs.

Have you paid a deposit and do you want to request a refund for your deposit? For example when you decide not to use SnappCar (for the time being) anymore. In your SnappCar profile you can submit a request for the deposit to be returned.

If you’re using our website, click on your profile picture at the top right corner and select ‘Edit Profile’ from the menu. On this page you will find a tab on the left named ‘Deposit’, where you’re able to request it back if you fulfill all the requirements. Note: you can insert an IBAN by going to the ‘Payout Settings’ tab on the left.

If you’re using the SnappCar app, you can click on the ‘Profile’ section and then click on the ‘Deposit’ option on the menu. There you’re able to request your deposit back.

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