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My car broke down, how do I call Roadside Assistance?

If your car broke down please call our Roadside Assistance partner via the telephone number in this overview. Choose the telephone number from the country where your booking started.

  • Netherlands: +31 (0)30-2087011 and choose option 1
  • Germany: +49 13 700 1323 and choose option 1
  • Denmark: +45 89 88 01 60 and choose option 1
  • Sweden: +46-8-403 095 92 and choose option 1

Our Roadside Assistance partner examines the nature of the problem and arranges the necessary assistance via a local salvage company. When the vehicle is no longer drivable, it will be towed so that the car can be further examined at a garage. For more information on what is included in the road side assistance please check the article “What is covered under Roadside Assistance?”

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