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Can I use the car keys like I normally do during a SnappCar Keyless rental?

After you complete the check-in for your Keyless rental you can use the car keys like you would for any car. When it is time to check out, park the car in the right spot and correctly place the key in the glove compartment. Close all windows, take your personal belongings out of the car and close the doors. Now you are ready to start the check-out. Follow the check-out procedure and report any damages if they have occurred. Always take pictures of the car from different angles and save them on your smartphone, whether or not damage occurred. As renter, you should be able to provide the pictures to SnappCar upon request. At the end of the check-out you can press the close car-button. This will lock the vehicle and end the SnappCar Keyless booking. If you do not close the car with a smartphone, the car will remain open. You are responsible for any issues caused by not closing the car accordingly. In case of any problems with locking the car, please contact the owner immediately.

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