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What do I need to do at check-out with SnappCar Keyless?

When it is time to check out, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you refuel the car to the same level as at the start of the rental
  2. Park the car in the right spot (in the same place as you picked it up, unless otherwise instructed by the owner)
  3. Turn off the engine
  4. Close all windows
  5. Turn off all lights
  6. Put the car keys back in the glove compartment (make sure you stick the ‘keyfob’ into the key-holder if the car has one)
  7. Take your personal belongings
  8. Get out of the car Close it via the SnappCar-app
  9. Take pictures with your phone of each side of the car (front, back, and two sides), and zoomed in pictures of any damages you see
  10. Report any damages if they have occurred via the app
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