Am I eligible to rent out my car via SnappCar?

In this article you will find all the information you need on how to get started renting out your car via SnappCar ๐ŸŽ‰


What requirements do I need to fulfil as an owner at SnappCar?
How do I sign up my car?
Can I rent out my private lease car?
Tips for renting out your car


What requirements do I need to fulfil as an owner at SnappCar?

To register as an owner, we need the following items:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • License plate
  • Bank account

Additionally, you need permission from your car insurance company (and private lease company if you have a private lease car) to rent out your car.


How do I sign up my car?

Go to the SnappCar homepage and click โ€˜rent out my carโ€™ on the top right. Fill in your license plate, add details and photos, decide on your day price and price per extra kilometer and finish the upload. Your car can now be booked by renters. You can also upload your car through our app.


Can I rent out my private lease car? 

Some private lease companies allow peer-to-peer car-sharing being done with cars leased through them. However, we advise that you check your private lease contract for your specific situation.


Tips for renting out your car

If you want to receive (more) requests, make it as easy as possible for renters to rent your car. The more you rent out, the more impact you make (more cars off the road!) and the more you earn. We typically give the following tips to owners:

The most effective ways to increase the amount of rental requests is to make sure your car is easily available:

  • Turn on Instant Booking (more on Instant Booking can be found here)
  • Take out a subscription to SnappCar Keyless
  • Keep your calendar up to date
  • Keep your pick-up and drop-off windows wide open
  • Include as many free km in your daily settings as possible

Furthermore, renters are more likely to rent your car if they know what they are getting:

  • Upload at least 5 recent photos of your car
  • Fill in your account description
  • Fill in your car description

Lastly, good and fast communication will result in higher review scores and positively influence your SnappRank (search ranking):

  • Respond to every rental request (accept or decline)
  • Try to respond as quickly as possible to a rental request
  • Do not cancel rentals
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