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Why is my account not verified?

Your account is not verified when you have not completed the verification process. In order to complete the process, log into your profile through our apps or on the website. Go to ‘Verification’ to start the process. If you run into problems during the process, this can have several causes depending on which step you are currently in.

Driver’s license verification

Make sure you make very clear pictures, without a flash. You are allowed (and encouraged) to shield your photo and personal identification number on the license but please be aware that the document number needs to be visible. If you have a non-EU driver’s license, you will not be able to join SnappCar. See this article for more information.

If your license does not have an expiration date, you need to fill in a form with additional information. Please see this article for how to do that.

Payment verification

If you have a shared bank account it could be that our system cannot correctly read the names on the account. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about that. You must pay with an account on your name, this means that you cannot use a business account. Please use your personal account. The verification fee will be automatically refunded if you use a business account or a shared account.

You cannot verify your account with a (prepaid) credit card.

Note: If you contact our support for help, please make sure that you mention which email address your account has. Have a look in your profile to see which one it is, since it sometimes can be a different email address if you signed up with Facebook or Apple. 


Read more here: How to verify your account

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