What is the best way to get a car on SnappCar?

To help renters find the cars they need on SnappCar, we have 6 tips when it comes to searching and requests:

  1. Start looking for a car as early as possible. Are you not bound by 1 exact pick-up/drop-off time? Use the ‘I am flexible’ option. More information about flexible booking times can be found here.
  2. Sent out multiple requests for 1 rental period. This increases your chance of finding a car on our platform
  3. Contact the owner after sending a rental request. If you are flexible with your time: indicate this.
  4. If the owner does not reply: sent more request to other owners.
  5. If you want to know for certain you will have access to a car, look for cars with the ‘Direct Booking’ option. The owners of these cars keep their calendars up to date at all times, meaning that you can immediately pay the car. Direct Booking can be used as a filter in search. More about Direct Booking can be found here.
  6. Cars with the option Keyless can be opened with the SnappCar app, meaning that the owner does not need to be present during check-in. These cars often have a very high availability, so look for that option. Keyless can be used as a filter in search. More about Keyless can be found here.
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