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How do I report a damage?

Article about how to report a damage, what happens if the car gets a damage, traffic damages.


Can the car be driven safely after the damage?

First of all, make sure that the car can be driven safely after the accident. If the damages are severe so that the car could suffer worse damages by driving on, contact our roadside assistance immediately.

If the damages are only cosmetical (scratches and dents to the outside of the car) it's okay to keep driving and report the damage at the checkout. 


Reporting a damage

A damage needs to be reported through the app. After the rental period, you and the car owner add new damages by adding photos and a short description of what happened in the last step of the checkout. When new damages are added at checkout, they will be send to Allianz or If automatically. You will later be contacted by the insurance company on how the process works.

For damages in Germany or Sweden you will receive a link where you can send in a report with all the necessary information, contact our support if you need help with this process. 


If you did not add the damage in the checkout please contact us as soon as possible since the insurance company won't cover damages that are reported too late. 


Roadside assistance without vehicle damages

Did you use the roadside assistance but the car doesn't have any visible damages? In that case sending a report is not necessary since we will receive the report from the towing company. However, please read this article about how to handle any outstanding payments or fuel for the booking. 


Damages involving multiple vehicles

If the accident included another vehicle, make sure to gather the name and drivers license number of the counterpart, as well as the licence plate of the car and contact information to potential witnesses. 

Depending on which country the rental was booked in there are different processes on how to report the damage and get the SnappCar repaired (if there were any damages to the rented car). Contact our support if this has happened to you. 






What happens after the damage is reported?

All communication is done via email, although the insurance company might contact the owner via phone.

Step 1: The damage is reported at check-out as mentioned above. The insurance company will reach out if they are missing information needed to proceed with the claim case. 

Step 2: SnappCar will inform renter and owner of the case number provided by the insurance company. If you have any questions regarding your case after this point, use this number in your communication with the insurance company.

Step 3: The insurance company will inform the owner whether or not the damage will be covered by their insurance. If the damage will be covered, SnappCar will then inform the renter about the deductible for this booking, and deduct the costs. Read more here: What is my deductible?

Step 4: If there are additional damages that are not covered by the insurance, this has to be settled between the renter and the owner in private. 


Other questions about damages

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