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Do I pay extra for extra kilometers?

If you rent a car at SnappCar, there is a chance that you need to pay for extra kilometers. You need to pay for extra kilometers if the amount of kilometers you have driven during a rental exceeds the free kilometers.

The price you pay is the fee per extra kilometer, over which the insurance fee and SnappCar fee are added.



You have driven 200 kilometers. The car has 150 free kilometers and is set on 20 cent per extra km

Insurance fee and SnappCar fee are 15%

50 extra kilometers (200 driven minus 150 free) x € 0.20 = € 10.00 (excl insurance and SnappCar fee)

€ 10 euro x (1.15) = € 11.15, including insurance and SnappCar fee

This depends on the car you book and how many kilometers you will drive. Every car has a number of free kilometers per day and an extra kilometer fee. Please keep in mind the SnappCar fee is also applicable for the extra kilometer fee and will be added on top of that.


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