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How is the insurance cost calculated?

The insurance costs are calculated when you make a booking and included as part of the price that you pay before a trip, as well as in mileage fee that you pay after a trip. The insurance fee is always applicable for renters: The fee is 5% of the rental day price, with a minimum of € 4,50 per day in the Netherlands and 25kr per day in Sweden.

Apart from these fees, the following may apply:

Abroad fee: When you want to take the car abroad, a fee of €5,- per day applies for cars in the Netherlands and 50kr for cars based in Sweden. This fee will be added to the rental price and provides insurance coverage in other countries. Read more about the abroad fee here.

Deductible waiver: When you want to reduce your deductible, you need to pay an additional fee that is not included in the standard insurance price. Read more about reducing your deductible here.

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