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What is a deductible?

A deductible is the part of a damage claim that you as a renter need to pay yourself to the insurance company in case a damage occurs.

For example: if you have a damage worth €2000 and a deductible of € 750, you need to pay the first € 750 and the insurance will cover the remaining € 1250. The insurance company will pay the full € 2000 to repair the damage.

If the damage amount is lower than the deductible, you as a renter effectively pay the full damage.

For example: if you have a damage worth € 500 and a deductible of € 750, then the renter needs to pay € 500 and the insurance pays nothing. The insurance will use the € 500 to repair the damage. The deductible is collected from your account by SnappCar, on behalf of the insurance company. Furthermore, the deductible is applicable per damage event. This means that multiple deductibles can apply to the same car and the same booking if you have multiple damages. In some cases you will be offered the option to partially waive the deductible. This is an optional service that is offered by SnappCar, and does not apply for all rentals.

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