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What is covered in the Roadside Assistance?

Are there red warning lights flashing when starting or driving the car? Never continue to drive with this and call the breakdown service immediately. This prevents possible additional damage. Call our Roadside Assistance through the Booking page of the app. Read more about how to contact them.


The coverage of the roadside assistance varies depending on which country you rented the car in. There is more specific information for The Netherlands and Germany. Please note that the car must always have liability insurance (WA), next to the Snappcar insurance.


In general, the insurance covers the cost of the Roadside assistance company coming and taking a look at the car, and towing it to the nearest garage. The renter needs to save the receipts from the other means of transport, and Allianz or If will later reimburse the costs that they decide are necessary. This can differ from the different cases so always ask if you are uncertain of what is covered or not. Roadside assistance is only able to assist if the car is personally insured by the owner as well. 


Always check whether you have paid for international coverage when you travel abroad with your SnappCar! Abroad, there is a mandatory waiting period for repairs, so that you can safely return the car to the rental company afterwards.




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