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How do I open and close the car with SnappCar Keyless?

During your SnappCar Keyless booking, you can use the car keys to open and close the car. But when you pick up the car at the start of the booking and when is time to return the car, please follow the guides for how to check-in and how to check-out:


How does it work with the check-in of a Keyless car?

What do I need to do at check-out with SnappCar Keyless?


What if my car does not open or close with SnappCar Keyless?

If you do not close the car with a smartphone, the car will remain open. You are responsible for any issues caused by not closing the car accordingly. If you are experiencing issues with either check-in or check-out, contact the owner immediately, and also contact us here. 


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