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Explanation of our pricing model and fees

SnappCar charges the owner a SnappCar fee and an insurance fee. The SnappCar fee is used by us to (among other things) improve our platform, provide customer support, regulate trust and safety and provide a safe way to handle payments. The insurance fee is used to provide our full-casco insurance.

For renting a car through SnappCar, we charge different costs. For renters, these costs come on top of the daily rate or kilometer price. 


Day price and kilometer price

The owner determines the daily price of a car, and the number of free kilometers included in the daily price. The owner also sets a kilometer price, which is calculated if the renter drives more than the number of free kilometers. These prices differ depending on the car you choose. 


Discount for half days

If the rental period is shorter than 5 hours, we charge 50% of the daily price and 50% of the free kilometers.


Long term discount

Owners can set up a long term discount. If the rental period is more than 3 days, the discount is 15% on the daily price. Please note that this is a setting that owners can turn off. This will be taken from your income.


SnappCar fee

SnappCar charges a fee to both the renter and the owner. This fee is used to maintain the platform and support users should something go wrong. For example, activities such as developing the app, carrying out safety checks, paying out rental income, sending text messages, and resolving disputes between users. We calculate this fee on both the daily price and the kilometer price.

Read more here: How are the fees built up?


Insurance fee

Since most regular car insurances do not cover damages when the car is rented out to third parties, we offer car share insurance in cooperation with Allianz in The Netherlands and Germany, and If in Sweden. We charge insurance costs to both the renter and owner, and we calculate these on the daily rate as well as the kilometer price. If the price of the booking is below a certain rate, the insurance will follow a day price instead of a percentage. The insurance policy itself can be found here.


Roadside assistance cover

To ensure that renters can hit the road carefree, SnappCar provides roadside assistance in cooperation with our roadside assistance partners. We charge for this in two ways:

Regular roadside assistance supplement for tenants

Renters pay € 1,- per day for breakdown assistance within the Netherlands. When taking the car abroad, a fee of € 6,- per day is applicable. If a breakdown occurs abroad, without this last option having been chosen, all costs will be charged to the renter.



Carsharing is taxed at 25% VAT which is added to the cost of the SnappCar fee and other administrative costs. The day price of the car, the kilometers and the insurance does not have any VAT added. If renters need a receipt to show their employer they can download the pricing overview from the website. Because SnappCar is a P2P platform, we do not (yet) provide invoices for bookings. When you have paid a booking, you will also receive an overview of the costs of the booking via e-mail.


Surcharge for old cars

We see that cars older than 15 years need more service and breakdown assistance. Therefore, we charge a surcharge per day for cars aged 15 years and older and/or have a kilometer count of more than 250.000 km. Please note that depending on the month of the year the car was built, the age limit for the surcharge for old cars could be either 14 or 15 years. 

Age supplement

Tenants under the age of 25 pay an age supplement per day for bookings.

One-off verification fee

New renters pay a one-off verification fee when creating their profile. This covers the costs we incur in verifying the renters driving licence, identity and bank details.


Payouts to owners

When you have rented out your car via SnappCar, the rental proceeds will be transferred to your bank account as soon as possible after the end of the booking period. In case of extra kilometers driven, the compensation will be included in the total amount.



For the collection and payment of payments to users, SnappCar works together with Stripe.

In order to use SnappCar and receive payments (via Stripe), it is necessary that you agree to the Stripe Connected Account agreement. Furthermore, we need some of your data that we pass on to Stripe, so that you can use SnappCar and receive payments for your bookings. Most of your data is already in your Snappcar profile. Stripe requires an additional verification of your personal data and profile, in order to comply with laws and regulations that apply to online payment systems. 

In addition to agreeing to the Stripe Connected Account agreement, we require a number of other details, which we will pass on to Stripe. These are:

  • Your Full Name
  • Address details
  • E-mail address
  • Date of birth
  • IBAN number

In order to carry out the verification, Stripe asks you to upload a document (passport, driving licence, ID card or residence permit). Stripe requests this in order to comply with their Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations. This obligation means that Stripe must collect and verify information about Stripe account holders in order to prevent fraud, abuse, money laundering and other types of (financial) crime. More information on this can be found on their website. You can enter all data in your SnappCar profile. Without these details we cannot pay your bookings. Always make sure your profile is completed, so you can use SnappCar without problems!



For more information on taxes on income from car sharing, see this article: Do I pay taxes over my SnappCar earnings?


Additional fees for renters


Deductible for renters

Each booking is subject to a deductible for the renter. This means that if you as a renter cause damage, you always have to pay a part of it yourself. How much you have to pay depends on the amount of your deductible. In many cases you can lower the deductible when booking the car, for an additional charge.

Example: Renter A and B both cause a damage of €1000,-

Renter A had an own risk of €250,-. Therefore we charge €250,- (excl. administration costs).

Renter B had an own risk of €1750,-. Therefore we charge €1000,- euro (excl. administration costs).


The applicable deductible depends on the risk profile of a booking. We have made the risk profile together with Allianz on the basis of historical data. For example, the deductible will generally be higher for young renters and expensive cars. In addition, it is not possible to reduce the excess in all cases.


Deposit for renters

If you as a renter cannot or do not wish to pay by credit card, we will charge a one-off deposit. You then make an iDeal payment for the costs of the rental plus the amount for the deposit. Unfortunately, we see that renters often have outstanding accounts with SnappCar when they cancel their profile. That is why we keep this deposit. Only if you have no outstanding accounts, you can cancel your profile and ask for your deposit back.

Read more about deposits here Do I pay a deposit while renting a SnappCar?


Payment methods

In the Netherlands you can currently pay with iDeal and credit card. Please note that a payment can only be made with a bank account that matches the name in the SnappCar profile. 

Please note that payments from an "and / or" bank account or business accounts are not accepted.

Collection of additional charges

Please note that charges may be levied after the rental period has ended. SnappCar is authorised to collect these costs automatically from your bank account or credit card. 

This concerns, for example, costs for:

  • Payments for additional kilometers driven
  • Payments for the excess after damage
  • Payments for costs that users cannot offset against each other (see below)
  • Payments for fines based on the fine policy

Payments that the renter and the owner must arrange between themselves

  • Payment of fuel costs (if the tenant does not return the fuel tank equally full)
  • Payment of any traffic offenses

Read more about that in this article: How to handle fuel and other extra costs from the rental

Note: It is not permitted to arrange payments for the booking outside the platform.