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Do I get paid for the kilometers driven by the renter?

If your renter drives more kilometers than your set amount of free kilometers per day, you will get paid for the extra kilometers. If the renter stay below the free kilometer limit you have set, you will not get paid. For rentals that are less or more than 1 day, we will calculate the free kilometer limit as follows: rental days x number of free kilometers per day. For rentals that are shorter than 1 day (5 hours or less) the renter receives 50% of the free kilometers.

You are able to set the ‘free kilometer limit’ and the ‘price per extra kilometer’ in your profile.

Based on the mileage filled in at check-in and check-out, we will calculate your earnings and automatically pay these around 2 days after the check-out. Note that SnappCar and insurance fees are applicable to the ‘price per extra kilometer’ in some countries where SnappCar operates. 

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