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FAQ Updated Privacy Policy October 2019

Does SnappCar share my data with third parties?

SnappCar may share data with third parties if that is needed to offer you our service(s). For example, relevant reservation data (as well as your contact details ) are shared between renter and owner, for the set up and execution of the Rental Agreement. 

Further, we may share data with third parties, which are needed to provide the service,  such as our payment provider and insurance companies. Other examples of service providers can be found in section 3 of the Privacy Policy.

The service providers act on behalf of SnappCar and the processing by service providers is governed by so called data processing agreements. In these agreements SnappCar has ensured that the service provider shall only process the personal data on instructions of SnappCar, for the purpose as set forth by SnappCar and that the protection of the data shall be sufficiently safeguarded.


How does SnappCar ensure my data is safely secured and processed?

In order to ensure the safety and protection of our (user) data, SnappCar has set up and implemented internal systems that safeguard any processes which process or store data. Further, SnappCar has implemented technical and psychical security measures to protect our data against unauthorized access, destruction or alteration of information. 

To make sure that these safeguards live up to industry standard, SnappCar enlists the services of external companies specialised in data/ IT protection to check these processes regularly, to determine whether our security measures are still appropriate.


I want SnappCar to delete my data, how do I do this?

You have the right and you can ask SnappCar to erase your personal data (right to be forgotten). Please sent an erasure request to that end to SnappCar Community Support using this link or by sending an email to

Your account shall then be de-activated and you can no longer use SnappCar. The de-activation of your account shall also mean that you will no longer receive emails or other information from us, your account and data will no longer be visible (online) and your data will no longer be processed by SnappCar (or by SnappCar engaged processors).

However, some data will be retained by SnappCar for a limited period, such as your hiring and rental history, in order to settle your account, payments and/ or transactions and to comply with applicable laws (such as retention period for financial data). For an overview of retention period(s), we refer you to our privacy policy.


What does ‘fraud detection and prevention’ mean?

Having (and maintaining) a safe and secure car-sharing platform is SnappCar’s number 1 priority. In order to do that, we have implemented several checks and (security) systems that detect (possible) fraudulent behaviour. User data and user behaviour are regularly monitored and verified, combined and scanned to find and detect fraudsters, scammers and all users who exhibited unwanted or criminal behaviour. 

To protect the platform and the community, we may stop activity on the account or refuse access or registration of the account, if we believe there is (a risk of) fraud. 

Furthermore, if we detect or we have reasonable grounds to believe that any fraud, scam or criminal activity is taking place, we may also provide that information to the competent authorities (such as the police).


Does SnappCar use automated decision-making?

Yes, SnappCar’s safety system applies automated decision-making (including profiling).

Automated decision-making refers to a decision which is taken solely on the basis of automated processing of your personal data. This means in the essence, a decision taken without any human intervention. For example, the outcome is based on an algorithm/ software code or based on an automatic check in a database. 

These kind of automated decisions shall be made when you register for a SnappCar account and during your use of the service, for the purpose of fraud protection and prevention. These (automatic) decisions can be based on user data or behaviour. This means SnappCar may through automatic means decide that you pose a fraud risk or if our processing reveals your behaviour to be consistent with that of known fraudsters; or is inconsistent with your previous use of the platform; or you appear to have deliberately hidden your true identity. An example of such a decision is the deactivation of a user account if that user tries to verify with a non-valid driving license.

SnappCar also uses third parties to carry out automated checks and risk assessments, examples of these third parties can be found in the privacy policy. 

SnappCar makes sure that the outcomes of the automatic decision-making are regularly reviewed to ensure they remain fair, effective and unbiased. If and where automated decision-making is used in the assessment of your registration and fraud prevention, you can contact us to request that any declined decision is reconsidered by a human. 

If you want to opt out of automatic decision-making, let us know, although it may mean you cannot make use of the SnappCar platform as automated decisions are necessary to provide the services in a safe manner.


Does Snappcar use Profiling ?  

Profiling means any form of automated processing of your personal data to evaluate certain personal aspects about you, such as to analyse or predict aspects concerning your economic situation, personal preferences, interests, reliability, behaviour, location or movements. 

SnappCar uses this method for fraud prevention and marketing purposes. 

To prevent (and detect) fraud and misuse of our platform, SnappCar profiles your personal data, such as your activities on your account, payment preferences, online account preferences, payment details and history, contract duration, services provided, contact history, website visits andlogin behavior. 

Based on the profile, we try to detect whether there is a reasonable suspicion that someone is engaged in fraud, fraud or criminal activities so that we can prevent those from using our platform. 

This processing is necessary for the protection our platform and to protect our users. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use our service without us being able to perform this automatic processing and checking. So if you do not want your data processed in this way, you can of course deregister as a user. You can do this via your account or by sending an email to

Profiling for marketing purposes 

With Google Adwords Remarketing Pixel and Facebook Pixel, Google and Facebook can profile the interests of our users based on your surfing behavior and ensure that relevant SnappCar ads reach you on third-party websites or through searches. This will prevent you from seeing content or offers that are less interesting for you. 

Based on this profile, we make selections at group level. The selection is always made at group level, so we cannot put you "in a box" at a personal level / there is no individual profile definition.

Facebook and Google obtain the above information via pixels. You can change your settings at Google & Facebook via: Google en Facebook


What is the reason I am being de-activated ? 

If you are deactivated  and/ or your account is being blocked, we will have a good reason to do so. This can be because you have acted in breach of our Terms and Conditions and/or any other rules and regulations that apply to the service.

Further, you can also be de-activated as a result of checks for fraud detection and prevention of  possible misuse of our platform, that we are constantly performing. In light of these checks and the results thereof, we can deactivate your profile, which means that you cannot use SnappCar anymore and that any existing bookings shall be cancelled.  These checks are reset, renewed and refined on a regular basis.

We will not comment in detail on rejection reasons, to prevent compromising our security systems. You can be sure that there will always be good reasons to deactivate your profile or account. 


Can I use SnappCar without my data being shared?

No, using SnappCar without sharing data is not possible. For instance, in order to make use of the SnappCar service, your data needs to be processed and provided to the renter (or owner) to set up the rental agreement, as well as provided to the payment provider, to collect and pay-out the rental fee. 

Bear in mind that we take your privacy very seriously and treat all your personal information with great care. We protect and ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place to protect the data. We always act in accordance with the GDPR.  For more information, please see SnappCar´s privacy policy. 

If you do not want your (personal) data to be shared by SnappCar, you can deregister as a user. This will mean you cannot make use of the SnappCar platform anymore as processing of your data is necessary to provide the services. 


How long does SnappCar retain my data?

Data retention periods can be found in section 6 of the Privacy Policy (insert link) ; Retention periods start at the day of deregistration and are in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. 


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