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Keyless Troubleshooting and contact

Technical information

  • Please attach the keyfob to your car key, and always keep it there. When you prepare the car for your rental you will put the keyfob in the holder (with the car keys attached). You need to do this correctly, so that the Keyless box is aware that you left your keys in the car. This is a necessary step before you can lock the car via the SnappCar App.

Put your spare key in a safe place in your home. Please do NOT use this key to open/close the car while the other key is in the glove compartment. That will confuse the system.


Why you should NOT use your spare key

  • When you or a renter locked the car via the SnappCar App, the immobilizer will be enabled. You might be able to open the doors with your spare key, but it will not disable the immobilizer. This means you will NOT be able to start the car. Only when you unlock the car via the SnappCar App, the immobilizer will be disabled correctly.
  • Use the key with the keyfob on it when you drive the car yourself. You don't have to put it back in the glove compartment every time you want to close the car, unless you have an upcoming rental. In that case, put the keyfob in the keyfob holder, and close the car via the App.

If the car won’t start

  • Always call SnappCar if you can’t start your car and it has been installed with Keyless. This might have to do with improper use of the second key, which we can resolve quickly from a distance. Don’t ask to tow the car before you’ve spoken to us - we will not refund any costs you make in such a case.


If you car requires regular maintenance

Always inform the garage immediately that the car is installed with an extra immobilizer. They are always welcome to call us as well if they somehow need to know how this works.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Keyless was just installed in my car, but I can’t find the settings for opening and closing my car

A: This might take a day or two. If you still can’t see the Keyless settings after one working day, please send us an email at . You can find the settings when you click on your car in the app.


Q: Locking the car from my app doesn’t work

A: Make sure that the keyfob tag is attached in the keyfob holder (restart by removing it and putting it in again). If you have good internet connection, no ongoing bookings and it still doesn’t work, please send us an email. 


Q: The app is not registering the fuel correctly

A: Not all models have the functionality to show the exact fuel level of the car. Please check the fuel level within 48 hours after the checkout and contact our support if the renter didn’t refuel correctly. 


Q: The mileage is not registering after a booking

A: We might have to change your configuration settings if the checkin and checkout mileage is 0. If that is the case, please email us your current mileage of the car. In order for us to fix it we need to update the system with your current mileage while the car is not moving. 


Q: I lost my keyfob

A: You need the keyfob to lock/unlock through the app. Please put the car offline while you wait for a new tag. Also, send us an email so we can order you a new tag that will be configured by the garage


Q: Damage during a SnappCar Rental (Total Loss)

A: In the unlikely event of damage during your keyless rental, please contact support below within 48 hours of the rental. In this case the event can still be eligible for our insurance. Besides that, we kindly ask you to timely inform us if your car was subject to a total loss damage event. If we are informed timely, our installers will be able to de-install the system so you can get the deposit back.


Q: My car is not starting

A: Consider the following: Could the battery of the car be too low? (Usually if the car is not driven for a while, or only for short distances). Please check if the ignition is working or if it’s completely “dead”. If that’s the case, change or recharge the battery. And if the battery is not the issue, it’s most likely the immobilizer that we can easily remove through our system. Please contact us either way on our phone number below since we can help you to check what the issue might be. 


Q: I have an issue related to my car not starting/opening/closing, or another urgent during check-in or check-out

A: Please call us through the app, by clicking on one of your bookings. It’s made for you as an owner and renters during checkin and checkout issues. 

Get in touch with us


Urgent questions

Our phone support is available 7.00-00.00 all days (in English) for urgent questions. Call us by clicking on any booking in your app and find the button to call us there.

If we by any chance would not pick up the phone, leave us a voicemail explaining the issue and we will call you back. 


All other questions

Email us at if you need help with your subscription, profile, mileage or other issues regarding SnappCar Keyless.