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How does Smart Pricing work in practice?


Based on the daily price that you have selected for your car, Smart Pricing will increase or decrease it to match demand. So when demand for a car is higher, your price goes up. And when demand is low, your price also goes down. All this calculation happens automatically and is regularly updated for you.


Here is an example:





This is a car with a daily price of €40,00 and how prices might vary over a weekend in mid December with Smart Pricing on. On the high demand days, Saturday and Sunday, the price is higher, maximizing earning potential. On a lower demand day like Monday the price is lower, increasing the chances of doing a rental on what is typically a much quieter day. 

If you change the daily price, Smart Pricing will recalculate your prices for you. So you are free to tweak your daily price to see what works best for you.

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