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How to verify your account

In this article we'll go through our verification process and show what to do if you can not verify your account. 

Why do I have to verify my account?

We want to keep the community safe and friendly! That is why you need to be fully verified to book a car, and also to be added as an extra driver for a friend's booking. All users need to pay a verification fee which is the cost to become a user of our service, this is not something that we pay back after the verification is done. 


Verification steps

These are the steps of our verification process.

  • Personal details (name, date of birth, address)
  • Phone number verification
  • Drivers license verification
  • Bank card verification
  • Credit check (different for all countries)


See the verification process in a short video demo:


Go to your profile

Press your profile picture in the top right corner on web and then 'Edit Profile', or press the Profile icon in the bottom of the screen if you are logged in to the app.



Make sure all your personal data is correct:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
    • Not possible to enter your address? Some addresses can't be found, please enter an address near you instead. 
  • Phone number 
    • Verify the phone number by filling in the 4 digit code that is sent to you as a text message. Didn't get a code? Follow the instructions and try again a while later. Otherwise, please contact support

This information is needed to complete the verifications in the next step. Make sure that all the information is correct and that it belongs to you and not someone else. 


Click on Verifications

It's time to verify your identity and your drivers license.


Verifying your drivers license

SnappCar checks the validity of every renter’s driver’s license. In order to that, we need clear photos of the front and back of the license.

Make sure that:

  • the picture is clear and sharp and there is no flash blocking out information
  • the entire license (front and back) is visible
  • you have not shielded the document number (shielding off the photo and reference no. is encouraged but point 5 needs to be visible)
  • there are separate photos of the front and back
  • the files are not larger than 10MB
  • that the license is not listed as lost or not valid, this can cause a rejection as well
  • the files are .jpg or .png, not .pdf


Do's & Don'ts when uploading your license


1. Don't cover the license with your fingers

Don't hold the license so that information is covered by your fingers. Put it on a table or hold it carefully between your thumb and index finger to avoid this. Make sure that the background is not full of clutter.



2. Make sure all the relevant data is clearly visible & don't cover point 5

What information needs to be visible? Make sure that all the green fields are visible, not blurred, and not covered by a flash. If the system can't read it all, the license will not be verified until you try again. Sometimes your account may even be deactivated if the information was read wrongly. 


You are encouraged to cover the details within the circled red fields (photo and reference number, point 4d / BSN number) for your own safety. If you cover point 5, your license will not be verified. 



3. Make sure that no information is hidden by a flash or a reflection

Try taking the photo in good, natural lighting and avoid these flashes that will cover the written information. 





Licenses that need manual verification


Licenses without expiration date

If your license doesn't have an expiration date and was issued by a country inside the EU, we need to do a manual check. This process can take several days but we are working on helping you as soon as possible. To be able to perform the check, please fill in the contact form. We will contact you as soon as we have the result of the check.


Licenses from another EU country

If your license was issued by a country inside the EU but not the country you are renting a car in, we need to do a manual check. This process can take several days but we are working on helping you as soon as possible. To be able to perform the check, please fill in the contact form. We will contact you as soon as we have the result of the check.

If your license was issued by a country outside of the EU, you unfortunately cannot join and rent a car via SnappCar. See this article for more information.


Why did I get locked out of my account after adding my drivers license?

  • There was a technical issue when uploading the drivers license so the information we have is not correct. Contact us to be able to upload the license again.
  • Your license is not valid. Please check the status of your license with the authorities.
  • You did not pass our credit check. 
  • We couldn't find the information we needed because you might have protected information.


Verifying your bank account

This card number is not saved for future payments, but it's a way for us to verify your identity. 

The cost of the verification is different in all countries, please check the NL/SE/DE helpcenter for correct information on this. 


I paid with my card but it doesn't work?

  • Make sure you are using your own card and not someone else's.
  • Make sure your name is correctly spelled in the profile.
  • You cannot pay with company cards.
  • Try to do it from a different browser or from the app.


My account looks verified (green checkmarks in all the boxes) but I still can't send a request?


The image shows how it looks when the profile is fully verified, but this can also sometimes occur if any of the following things have gone wrong with the verification process. 



If this is the case, please check the following points: 


Are you trying to book a car that costs more than 75 euros per day?

In that case you need to email us through our contact form, since we are more cautious with some cars on the platform. 


Have you entered the wrong birthdate by mistake?

Make sure the birthdate on your license matches the filled in date of birth in your profile.


Have you paid the verification fee with your own bank account?
Make sure the name on your bank account matches the name on your Snappcar account. Also check if you're paying with a personal account, for payments with business accounts are not accepted. 


Is your license not from an EU country?

Your account might look like it's verified but if the license is not from a EU country we unfortunately can not allow you as a renter on the platform.


I cannot book a certain car, but other cars work

All car owners can adjust their settings which means that your request might be blocked in some cases. For example if the car has a preparation time of 2 hours and you request the car 1 hour before the pickup time, it will be blocked because of this. Try requesting a few other cars and see if the problem persists. 


Still have questions? Contact us here.






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