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Can I pay the verification fee with a foreign bank account? Can I pay with a shared bank account?

Yes, if you want to pay with a foreign bank account or with a shared bank account, we ask you to take the following steps;

  • Transfer 5 euros (the standard costs for verification) to bank account number:                            NL85 RABO 0361 4752 33
  • In the name of SnappCar, BIC/swift: RABONL2U
  • Please mention "Verification bank account".
  • Please note: the name on your IBAN bank account you use to make the transfer must be the same as the name of your SnappCar account.

Paying with a business account is not possible.

  • After the transfer, please fill in the form below so we can link your payment to your profile. Make sure you enter the email address you are registered with SnappCar.

Within 10 working days we will send you a message to inform you whether the linking of the transfer to your profile has been successful and if everything is in order.


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