Explanation of our pricing model and fees

How much does it cost to rent a car? How does the pricing work?

When you rent through SnappCar, the rental price consists of several parts. The rental price includes a dayprice, and we also calculate additional costs, such as insurance fee and roadside assistance. If you drive more than the included number of kilometers in your booking, you'll also pay for these extra miles. In this article, we'll explain the components of renting a car through SnappCar.

Signup fee

Are you new to SnappCar and want to rent a car? Then you'll pay a one-time €10 signup fee. You pay these costs so we can perform the checks we do on, among other things, checking the driver's license, identity, and bank details. You pay the signup fee with a bank account in your own name.

Day price and price per kilometer

The day price of a car (as well as the number of free kilometers) is determined by the car owner. Prices for the same type of car can vary. You have a minimum of 100 free kilometers per day included in the rental price. If you drive more kilometers than the allowed number of free kilometers, you'll pay an additional kilometer fee. The amount of this kilometer price is also determined (in advance) by the car owner.

For example:

You rented the car for 2 days and drove 250 kilometers. The car has 100 free kilometers per day and is set at 25 cents per extra kilometer.

50 extra kilometers (250 driven minus 200 free) x €0.25 = €12.50.

The day price may fluctuate due to various factors and seasonal trends. When there's higher demand for cars, such as during holiday periods, the daily rate will automatically be higher. When there's less demand for cars, the price is lower.

Day price and half days

If the rental period is less than 5 hours, we charge 50% of the daily rate and 50% of the free kilometers.

Young renters

There is no age fee. Renting a van is only allowed if you're 23 years or older.

Long term discount

If the rental period is longer than 3 days, the discount is 15% off the day price.

Note: This is an option that the car owner can choose to enable. If you don't see this discount as part of the booking, the car owner hasn't set a discount.

SnappCar Fee

The SnappCar fee is a fee you pay for using our service. We use this fee to maintain the platform and support and assist users. This includes activities such as developing the app, conducting safety checks, paying out rental income, sending SMS messages, and resolving disputes between users. We calculate this fee as a percentage of the car's daily rate, and the SnappCar fee is 13.5% (for vans, 16%).

Insurance Fee

Most regular car insurances don't cover damage when the car is rented to third parties, which is why we offer a special car-sharing insurance in collaboration with Allianz in the Netherlands and Germany. The premium you pay depends on various factors, and you'll see the premium when you want to book a car. For example, you'll pay a higher premium if you live in a region where more accidents occur or thefts happen. The value of the car is also a factor for a high(er) premium. The maximum insurance fee is €21.00 per day. There's a minimum insurance fee of €5.50 per day. You can find the insurance policy here.

Roadside Assistance

To ensure renters can hit the road without worries, SnappCar offers roadside assistance in collaboration with our roadside assistance partners. You pay a mandatory surcharge for this.

The surcharge for roadside assistance is €1.50 per day for assistance within the Netherlands. When taking the car abroad, there's a surcharge of €6.50 per day.

For vans, different rates apply: €3 for coverage in the Netherlands and €8 for coverage abroad.

Make sure to choose the right roadside assistance coverage when making a booking. If you experience a breakdown abroad without selecting this option, you'll be charged for all roadside assistance costs.


Car sharing is subject to 21% VAT, which is added to the SnappCar fee and other administrative costs. VAT is not levied on the car's day price, kilometers, and insurance. You can find a VAT calculation per booking in your SnappCar profile. It's not possible to receive an invoice for a booking.

Damage Deductible

Every booking has a deductible. This means that if you, as a renter, cause damage, you always have to pay a part of it yourself, up to the amount of the deductible. How much you have to pay depends on the amount of the deductible.

The amount of the deductible depends on the risk profile of a booking. The deductible is shown when payment is due for the booking. The deductible is determined based on a risk profile, which is established in collaboration with Allianz and based on historical data. Generally, the deductible will be higher for young renters and cars with a high day price. In many cases, you can reduce the deductible when reserving the car, for an additional fee. It's not possible to fully waive the deductible.


If you can't or don't want to pay with a credit card as a renter, you can pay for your booking via iDeal. You'll then pay a €250 security deposit on top of the booking costs for the car. If you have no outstanding payments, you can request the deposit back through your profile 3 days after the end of your booking.

Read more about the deposit here.

Additional Costs

Keep in mind that there may be costs charged after the end of the rental period. SnappCar is authorized to automatically debit these costs from your bank account or credit card.

This includes, for example, costs for:

  • Payments for extra driven kilometers
  • Payments for the deductible after damage
  • Payments for costs that users cannot settle with each other (see below)
  • Payments for fines based on the fine policy
  • Payments that the renter and the owner need to arrange between themselves:
  • Payment of fuel costs (if the renter doesn't return the fuel tank full). Read more about this in this article: Fuel and mileage costs
  • Payment of any traffic violations

Note: It's not allowed to arrange payments for the booking outside the platform.

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