Where can I submit my information for DAC7?

The form only has to be filled out by owners who received an email from us. These are car owners who joined SnappCar in 2023 AND received earnings from renting their vehicle in 2023.



What information will we need to report under DAC-7?

We need to report information about the car owners themselves, their business (if applicable) and their rental activity on our platform.

  • Personal information about the car owner: name, address, date of birth, tax identification number/ BSN, bank account number
  • Company information (if the car owner is a company): company name, address and registration number, VAT number, bank account number
  • Rental activity: total payouts received, total number of transactions

How do I submit my data?

You are kindly requested to provide this information, including a copy of your ID and/or company registration document, through an online form in our secure Help Center environment before 10 December 2023.

 Your data will be treated safely and confidentially.  It will only be used for DAC-7 reporting and not be stored, accessible or used within our service or platform.  In case you do not submit the correct data in time, SnappCar is unfortunately obliged by law to take actions, which may lead to disruptions in your SnappCar account.

Learn more? 

To understand DAC-7 in more detail, visit the official Belastingdienst webpage for more detailed information and/or specific questions regarding DAC-7. We have prepared a Frequently Asked Questions list we will be updating as we receive more information. 

 While we understand you may have questions about (potential) taxation itself, please note that SnappCar is not qualified (and discouraged by the competent authorities) to provide any tax advice.  We are working with the tax authorities to improve the information about taxation regulation on car sharing on their website.

If you need assistance in submitting your information, please contact us through the following online forms:

Dutch: https://support.snappcar.nl/hc/nl/requests/new

English: https://support.snappcar.nl/hc/en-us/requests/new

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