Damage during the rental period

In this article you can find all information about how to report a damage, how a damage claim will be handled and what to do when a third party is involved.  

Can I continue to drive after the damage?
How do I report a damage? 
What happens after the damage is reported?
What if my damage is not covered by insurance? 
Who can I contact if I have questions about the damageclaim?

Can I continue to drive after the damage?

First of all, make sure that the car can be driven safely after the accident. If the damages are severe so that the car could suffer worse damages by driving on, contact our roadside assistance immediately.


If the car is only cosmetically damaged (scratches and dents to the outside of the car), it's okay to keep driving and report the damage at the checkout. We strongly advise you to notify the owner directly that a damage has occurred. Take pictures of the damage as soon as possible and save them on your phone for future reference.


How do I report a damage? 

Damages need to be reported through the app. After the rental period, you and the car owner add new damages by adding photos and a short description of what happened, in the last step of the checkout. When new damages are added at checkout, they will be sent to Allianz automatically. You will later be contacted by the insurance company on how the process works.


Owners are able to report a damage that was not reported during check-out, but was found within 48 hours after the end of the booking. If that's the case, they can do so via this form.

Please note. Claims submitted after the reporting deadline of 48 hours will be rejected.


Damages involving multiple vehicles

If the accident included another vehicle, make sure to gather the name and drivers licence number of the counterpart, as well as the licence plate of the car and contact information to potential witnesses. 

Depending on which country the rental was booked in there are different processes on how to report the damage and get the SnappCar repaired (if there were any damages to the rented car). 


For Netherlands and Germany: When a third party is involved, you are required to fill in a European damage form. You can find the form here. 





What happens after the damage is reported?

From the moment that the damage has received a claim number the insurance company will be your first contact in terms of the damage process. If you have substantive questions about the claim handling we advise you to contact the insurance company directly. For other general questions about your booking our Support team can answer your questions


Step 1: The damage is reported at check-out as mentioned above. The insurance company will reach out if they are missing information needed to proceed with the claim case. 


Step 2: The renter and owner will be informed of the case number by the insurance company or by SnappCar via email. If you have any questions regarding your case after this point, use this number in your communication with the insurance company.


Step 3: The insurance company will inform the owner whether or not the damage will be covered by their insurance. If the damage will be covered, SnappCar will then inform the renter about the deductible for this booking, and deduct the costs. In principle the renter will be charged for the deductible if a damage occurs during the rental. If the renter has partially waived the deductible, that will be the maximum amount we will charge, unless the insurance conditions were violated. 

A damage will always be presented to the insurance company. They are the ones handling the damage claim, not SnappCar.

Read more here: What is my deductible?

Step 4: If there are additional damages that are not covered by the insurance, this has to be settled between the renter and the owner in private. 


What if my damage is not covered? 

In cases where the damage is not covered by our insurance agreement, they will let you know by email either in Step 1 or 3 depending on how much information they have in the first place. Reasons as to why they don’t cover a damage are one of the following:

  • This type of damage is not included in our insurance agreement. All insurance policies have limits, and in ours it is for example (but not only); mechanical failure, stolen or damaged interior. It might vary depending on which country you are renting in as well. 

  • The insurance company receives contradictory information and their experts cannot connect the damage to the event that occurred. 

  • The damage was reported too late.

  • The car owner has broken the terms of the agreement.


Depending on the reason for the damage there are different solutions.


The root cause of the issue is considered a wear and tear damage.
These are usually mechanical failures, issues with the engine, battery, clutch or similar. This is not caused by the renter and is therefore not covered by our insurance. If this happens the owner must pay for the repairs by him-/herself. 


The damage was done by the renter or his/her passengers

Examples could be stains or tears on the seat or other part of the interior, stolen or damaged parts belonging to the car. 

Since this is not covered by our insurance we are not responsible for helping the owner get his/her money back for this. For cases that are not covered by the insurance we will try as much as we can to help the owner get the money back from the renter but we can never guarantee that the owner will get it reimbursed.

Read the full terms and conditions here.

Who can I contact if I have questions about the damage?

Our insurance partner Allianz is in charge of the claims process. Please contact them if you have a specific question regarding a claim. You can do so via the following email address: snappcar@allianz.nl.

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