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In this article you will find all information regarding the SnappCar Keyless system, how it works with the check-in and out of the car and all other relevant information.


What is SnappCar Keyless?
How to check-in and pick up a Keyless car
How to check-out and return a Keyless car
Fuel and mileage registration


What is SnappCar Keyless?

SnappCar Keyless is a piece of hardware technology that owners can install in their car. This technology allows renters to open the car using the SnappCar app, which means that the owner does not have to be present for the key exchange at check-in. Keyless cars can be identified by the blue icon in the search results, shown below. 


How to check-in and pick up a Keyless car

When you rent a Keyless car the owner will not be present at the check in. There are a few things to keep in mind:


Important notes before the check in can start:

  • Make sure that the booking is paid. You will notice the booking status in the app's booking overview. If the payment is not done before the start time of the booking, the request will expire.

  • The check in can be done 30 minutes before the start of the booking. If you want to check in earlier than that, you need to change the booking time. Read this article on how to do that.

  • A smartphone with the app downloaded is required to complete the check in and to use our service. Make sure you have a charged battery and internet connection.


How to do the check-in

  1. Click "Check in" in the app, and start by taking pictures in all the angles shown in the check in flow. Carefully inspect the car for any damages. These should be compared to the registered damage on the car profile. Add potentially new damages as well in this step.

  2. Click "unlock the car", and the car will open. You'll find the car keys in the keyfob holder in the glove compartment.

  3. Start the engine and take a photo of the mileage and fuel level. (With SnappCar Keyless most cars automatically register the mileage and, depending on car compatibility, the fuel level - but it’s good to have a photo just in case, so you won't have to pay too much in the end).

Remember where the car was parked so you can return it to the same spot. You are now ready to drive away with your Keyless car!


How to check-out and return a Keyless car

During your SnappCar Keyless booking, you can use the car keys to open and close the car. But when you pick up the car at the start of the booking and when is time to return the car, please follow the guides for how to check-in and how to check-out:

  1. Make sure you refuel the car to the same level as at the start of the rental
  2. Return the car to the correct location. This would be the same place where you picked it up, unless otherwise instructed by the owner. Make sure to always check the parking conditions of the return location to prevent penalties.
  3. Turn off the engine
  4. Close all windows
  5. Turn off all lights
  6. Put the car keys back in the glove compartment (make sure you stick the ‘keyfob’ into the key-holder if the car has one)
  7. Take your personal belongings
  8. Get out of the car Close it via the SnappCar-app
  9. Take pictures with your phone of each side of the car (front, back, and two sides), and zoomed in pictures of any damages you see
  10. Report any damages if they have occurred via the app

If you do not close the car with a smartphone, the car will remain open. You are responsible for any issues caused by not closing the car accordingly. If you are experiencing issues with either check-in or check-out, contact the owner immediately.


Fuel and mileage registration

Fuel registration

For most cars with SnappCar Keyless, we can track the fuel levels so it's easy to arrange the extra costs. That means you will be able to see the fuel levels from the check in and check out directly in the booking overview. Unfortunately, for some models this is not possible. For different reasons, about 20% of Keyless cars are unable to track the fuel registration. 

In these cases, we ask you to arrange this together with the owner. We recommend to take a photo of the fuel level at the moment of check in and check out


Mileage registration

The SnappCar Keyless system tracks the mileage of the car. For some models, it is not possible to do this with the dashboard data, so we track it using GPS. The GPS tracking can have a 12.5% deviation, so we recommend you to check and take a photo of the mileage when checking in and checking out. 

Read more here about how to handle fuel and other extra costs: How to handle fuel and other extra costs from the rental



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