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How does the insurance work when I rent a car with SnappCar?

In this article you find all information about the SnappCar insurance, which kind of damages are covered, and which are not. 

How does the insurance work? 
Do I have to pay for insurance?
What kind of damage is covered? 
What kind of damage is not covered? 
Are extra drivers insured?
Am I insured if I take my car abroad?
How can I contact the insurance company?

How does the insurance work? 

The SnappCar insurance is in effect during the rental period which was booked via our platform and when check-in was done according to the standard digital procedure. With the full casco coverage, you are extensively covered against damage, theft, and vandalism. Should damage occur during the booking then it will be handled through the insurance company Allianz.

Do I have to pay for insurance?

Yes, SnappCar charges an insurance fee for each rental period. The amount of insurance costs varies per booking, depending on various factors. The differences in the amount are because the insurance fee is based on the risk profile of the car and renter. This means that based on factors such as age of the renter and value of the car, the insurance fee may be lower or higher, just like with regular car insurance. The insurance fee for bookings with a high risk of damage, for example cars with a high value, the insurance fee is €20.00 per day. The insurance is renewed for each rental, so you do not owe any subscription costs or monthly contribution for the insurance.

What kind of damage is covered? 

The full casco insurance in principle covers damage caused by sudden external causes, such as scratches, dents and window damage. Extra drivers, liability and as well as theft and embezzlement are also part of the insurance. In these cases a deductible cost may be charged to you for damages to the car. The car is insured against the technical insurance value with a maximum of € 90.000. The insurance company Allianz will receive, assess and handle damage claims. Also roadside assistance and transporting the car in car to a car repair shop are both covered by the insurance fee.

What kind of damage is not covered? 

The insurance policy offered by Allianz does not cover technical damages. The reason for that is that these damages are almost always the result of age or ‘wear and tear’ and the renter cannot be held liable. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the car they rent out is in good condition. If a car breaks down during a rental period due to a technical damage, SnappCar will pay to have the car towed to a repair shop of the owner’s choice but will not pay for repairs.

Any potential costs that are not related to the rental will not be covered, such as hotel booking changes, missed flights or appointments or any other type of costs. For more information, please refer to the insurance policy and the Terms & Conditions, which are leading in any dispute.


Are extra drivers insured?

Extra drivers are also insured when they were formally added to the booking and confirmed by SnappCar. Keep the following things in mind:

  • First ask permission from the owner before adding an additional driver.
  • The additional driver has a verified and complete account on SnappCar.
  • The additional driver must meet the same conditions required for booking, such as the minimum age to rent a specific car.
  • You as a renter are responsible for the car and for that reason must also be the person who collects and returns the car. The additional driver is not allowed to do this!

Am I insured if I take my car abroad?

Are you going abroad? In the car profile you can find out if it is allowed to take the car abroad. Without the permission of the car owner it is not allowed to take the car abroad.

When you want to take the car abroad, you need to choose European roadside assistance coverage, to make sure that you are insured for European roadside assistance. This option offered when paying for your booking. European breakdown coverage costs € 6 per day and is mandatory when taking the car abroad. You are allowed to go the countries that are listed on the green card.


Countries where a green card is mandatory:

  • Albania
  • Bulgaria
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Belarus
  • Cyprus
  • Israel
  • Morocco
  • Moldova
  • Montenegro
  • Slovak Republic
  • Slovenia
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine

If you plan to visit one of the above countries, make sure you have contacted the SnappCar support team at least a week in advance, they will request the green card with Allianz and send it to you by email.


How can I contact the insurance company?

If you have a question about a specific claim, you can contact Allianz. Please mention the claim number, license plate and booking number in your message. You can reach Allianz via

More information about the SnappCar insurance, Allianz terms of insurance and the insurance policy you can find here.