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Guidelines for the SnappCar community

The three most important values in the SnappCar Community

Within the SnappCar Community there are some guidelines for behaviour. The main reason for this is to keep the community reliable and to be able to share the fun of car sharing with each other.

SnappCar enables you to rent a car from another person in your area. Driving a car from your neighbour is something else that renting a car from a company, that much is clear. This is why we have three important guidelines on the platform, in order to keep SnappCar a friendly and reliable community. Curious about these guidelines? Please read on.

Respect, involvement and social behaviour are the three most important values on SnappCar. With these values we keep everyone happy in the community.


It’s essential to respect each other, to follow the traffic rules and to handle the car neatly. It is important to realise that you are handling someone else's property. Therefore, carefully handle the car and listen to the instructions of the owner of the car. Make sure you follow up on the agreement about the fuel and check-out with a tidy car.

Respect each others time and schedule, because no one likes to wait unnecessarily.

When do we speak of to little of respect?

If the current traffic rules have been broken (speed- of parking tickets), when someone smoked in the car if it wasn’t allowed. Or if the car has been brought back, but it is dirty of messy (stains, any sort of damage, stuff in the car that isn’t of the owner). Another example would be when you don’t respect each others time and let someone wait without a heads up.


Because we are all part of the community, being involved is very important. It is pleasant for everyone of the communication before, during and after a booking goes clearly and without any miscommunication. For example, let each other know if you are stuck in a traffic or had a breakdown.

Be open and clear about what you expect from each other and try to look for the right solution.

Which behaviour does not reflect the right involvement?

When someone changes their own plans and doesn’t check this with the other party. If the check-out isn’t done the right way, or for example without paying any attention to the car or the other party.


You have joined a community of people and you’ll be driving a car that is owned by a person, instead of a company. Through sharing, we connect people and neighbourhoods. Look each other in the eye, shake hands and introduce yourself when you pick up a car. Be friendly and get to know each other. Also a nice way to quickly discover that there are very nice people living in your area!

Unreasonable behaviour that is not social?

Short communication, poor contact or not responding to messages are examples of antisocial behaviour. But also not being transparent about damages that may have occurred during a rental or throwing the car keys through the mailbox.

Are you planning to rent a car in your area? Then stick to our values! That way car sharing is fun for everyone and we can build a reliable SnappCar Community.

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