Guidelines for the SnappCar community

Our community values

In the SnappCar community, there are rules of conduct. Together we keep the community reliable and carsharing fun and attractive for everyone.

With SnappCar you rent a car from someone in your neighborhood. Driving a car from a neighbor is different from driving from a traditional rental company. That is why we together apply certain rules of conduct based on our three most important values. This is how we build and maintain a trustworthy community together. Want to know what we mean? Read on!

Respect, involvement, and social behavior are the three most important values in the SnappCar community. We build and maintain a reliable community together when we adhere to these. 



Careful handling of the car, each other, and the traffic rules is essential. Therefore, handle the car with care and listen to the instructions of the car owner. Make sure the tank is filled up as agreed on and, of course, leave the car clean and tidy. Also, respect each other's time and agenda because nobody likes to wait on someone. 

When is there a lack of respect?

When the applicable traffic rules (speed or parking) have been violated. When you smoke in the car but it is not allowed. When you return the car without cleaning up. Unfriendly language and also when you don't take into account other people's time and agenda.



Because we are all part of the community, being involved is very important. Clear and timely communication before, during, and after a booking is good for everyone. For example, let the other person know in time if you are stuck in traffic or have a breakdown. Be open and concrete about what you want from each other, and find the right solution together!

What behavior does not reflect good communication?

Going at it alone without communication or changing something last minute without informing each other. Lack of commitment is also understood to mean, for example, having to leave quickly without properly completing the check-out together.



You have joined a community of people. You will be driving a person's car, not a company-owned car. Together, we connect people and neighbors. Look each other in the eye, shake hands and introduce yourself when you pick up the car keys. Be friendly and get to know each other. You'll soon discover nice people living in your neighborhood!

Unreasonable behavior that is not suited?

Short-tempered communication, poor contact, or no response at all to messages are examples of anti-social behavior. But also, not honestly reporting damage or quickly throwing the car keys through the letterbox are examples of anti-social behavior.

We do our best to ensure that our community is a friendly, safe, and trusting place, and we trust that you will help us create that!


Our renter verification process

You can register with SnappCar if you meet the requirements included in the General Terms and Conditions. In these terms and conditions it is stated that you; have to be at least 21 years old, have had your driving licence for at least one year and have not been disqualified by an insurance company. It also states that you have not been convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, dangerous driving, driving without insurance and/or insurance fraud in the past eight years

To ensure a safe community, SnappCar checks the identity of every renter who wants to use the platform. To do this, we ask every renter to undergo our verification process. The process consists of several steps in which you provide us with information about yourself, including:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Driving license
  • Bank details (including making a small payment)

By providing us with the necessary information at each step, we can confirm your identity. If the information is correct and we can verify your identity, your profile will be verified and you can start renting cars.

SnappCar checks the identity and validity of the drivers license of every renter who registers on our platform. We check your identity by comparing the name on your drivers license with the name on your bank account. The validity of your drivers license is checked with the authorities in the said country.

When uploading the pictures of your license you may shield the photo of you, and the BSN on your driver's licence. In Sweden you can cover point 4d. SnappCar encourages everyone to be responsible and careful when sharing personal information. To carry out our verification process, we need access to all data on the drivers license, except for your photo and BSN. Ensure to not block out the document number since that will stop the verification process. 

We use the information from the license to do a credit check and will deactivate the users that have payment remarks, to ensure the safety on our platform. 

Foreign drivers license

If a country outside the EU issues your driving licence, unfortunately you cannot rent a car via SnappCar.



SnappCar is a peer-to-peer platform that relies on reviews that users give each other. The review system creates social control and a safe community for everyone on the platform.


SnappCar cannot edit or remove reviews without the consent of users. We draw the line at reviews that contain demonstrable untruths and are therefore misleading OR reviews that contain insults. In such cases, SnappCar gives users the opportunity to adjust the review, or it will be deleted. SnappCar can also adjust a review if the reviewer requests it.


Reporting users

You have the possibitily to report a user directly in the app if you notice any suspicious behavior. Reports are not shown public as the reviews are, but they will be read by SnappCar. We appreciate if you take the time to report anything that you see as undesirable behavior since this will help us to make appropriate decisions. You can find the report button on each user profile. 


Contact police / authorities

We cooperate with relevant parties for the security of the platform. We never share data with third parties.


Deactivating users

The General Terms and Conditions state that we can deny any user access to the platform. Some examples of situations in which we may deactivate a user are: 

  • When smoking in the car or returning it dirty, contrary to the agreements made. 
  • When the car is returned with an empty tank and agreements on the payment of fuel are not fulfilled. 
  • When a traffic fine has been issued, and it is not settled between the renter and the owner.
  • When the car is returned later than agreed upon in the rental contract
  • When we witness unfriendly language or inappropriate behavior. This is at the discretion of SnappCar's Community Support. 
  • When we suspect that the renter is using someone else's information to rent a car.
  • When a user has an unpaid debt from a previous booking. 

Deactivations of profiles are permanent and are not reconsidered.


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Are you planning to rent a car in your area? Then stick to our values! That way car sharing is fun for everyone and we can build a reliable SnappCar Community.

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