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How does it work with the check-in?

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Important notes before the check-in can start:

  • Make sure that the booking is paid. You will notice the booking status in the app's booking overview. If the payment is not made before the start time of the booking, the request will expire.

  • The check-in can be done 30 minutes before the start of the booking. If you want to check in earlier than that, you need to change the booking time. Read this article on how to do that.

  • A smartphone with the app downloaded is required to complete the check-in and use our service. 


How to complete the check-in

When you and the car owner meet up, you have 5 steps to follow. They should be done with both parties present at the location.

  1. Pictures and damages: Take pictures of the car in 8 directions (the app will show you where). You will be asked if the car's state corresponds with the app's photos. Make sure to add pictures of new damages if you notice something is missing. 

  2. Mileage count: Enter the current mileage in kilometers, or confirm if the owner has already added it. This will keep track of the number of kilometers you drive during the trip.

  3. Fuel level: Enter the current fuel level by choosing the amount of percent.

  4. Driver's license check: Hand over your driver's license to the owner so he/she can confirm your identity is the same as the account that has booked the car. 

  5. Receive the keys: Confirm that you have received the keys from the owner.

Also, take this opportunity to ask questions about the car, where to refuel close by, and ensure you have each other's contact details if you need to communicate during the booking.

If something goes wrong technically with the app, please give us a call through the booking page. Make sure to always document damages, mileage, and fuel level and send it in an email if you can't add the information to the app for any reason. 


After all the steps are done in the app, you will receive an email that the booking is checked in and insured. 


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