Income and revenue when renting our your car on SnappCar

What do you earn when you rent out your car through SnappCar? And other aspects to consider.

When you rent out your car through SnappCar, you get to set the day price or your car yourself. You'll pay a percentage of your earnings for the SnappCar fee and insurance fee. The SnappCar fee goes towards improving our platform, providing support, ensuring trust and safety, and handling payments securely. The insurance fee covers our full coverage insurance.

For renting a car via SnappCar, there are various costs involved for renters, on top of your set daily or per kilometer rate. What renters pay when they rent your car is explained in this article.

Day price mileage fee

As a car owner, you set the day price of your car and also set the number of free kilometers that is included in that day price. You also set the amount charged per kilometer when your renter exceeds the free kilometers.

The set day price automatically adjusts based on factors and seasonal trends. When there's high demand for cars, like during holidays, the rate goes up, meaning more earnings for you. When demand is lower, so is the rate and your earnings.

Day price and half days

SnappCar's pricing model is based on full and half days. If the rental period is less than 5 hours, you'll receive 50% of the daily rate and 50% of any additional kilometers driven.

Long term discount

You can offer a multi-day discount as a car owner. If the rental period is longer than 3 days, your renter gets a 15% discount on the day price. Note: this is an optional setting for you as a car owner. The discount is subtracted from your rental earnings.

SnappCar Fee

When you rent out your car through SnappCar, you pay a percentage of the day price as the SnappCar fee. It's 13.5% of the day price per day. This fee goes towards maintaining the platform, supporting users, developing the app, safety checks, paying out rental earnings, sending SMS messages, and resolving disputes.

Insurance Fee

In collaboration with Allianz in the Netherlands and Germany, we offer a special car-sharing insurance during your SnappCar bookings. The insurance fee is 15% per rental day with a minimum of €5 per day. You can read more about the insurance here.

Roadside Assistance

To ensure renters can hit the road worry-free, SnappCar offers roadside assistance in partnership with our roadside assistance partners. Renters pay for this coverage when they rent your car. They can choose between coverage in the Netherlands or Europe. More info on this is available in this article.

Old car fee

Unfortunately, we're seeing more breakdowns with older vehicles, which leads to a bad experience for renters and often high costs for SnappCar (sometimes hundreds of euros per incident for roadside assistance). To offset this, we deduct €2.50 per rental day if your car is 15 years or older and/or has more than 250,000 kilometers on the clock.

Payout of rental earnings

Once your car is rented out through SnappCar, we transfer your rental earnings to your bank account as soon as possible after the booking period ends. If there are extra kilometers driven, the compensation is adjusted in the total amount. Make sure your bank details are saved in your profile!

Note: It's not allowed to arrange payments for the booking outside the platform.

Required Information for Payout

For collecting and processing payments to users, SnappCar collaborates with Stripe.

To use SnappCar and receive payments (via Stripe), you need to agree to the Stripe Connected Account Agreement. We also need some of your details to pass on to Stripe so you can use SnappCar and receive payouts for your bookings. Most of your information is already in your SnappCar profile. Stripe requires additional verification of personal information and profile to comply with the regulations applicable to online payment systems.

In addition to agreeing to the Stripe Connected Account Agreement, we need some other details which we'll pass on to Stripe. These include:

Your full name

Address details

Email address

Date of birth

IBAN bank account number

To perform the verification, Stripe will ask you to upload a document (passport, driver's license, identity card, or residence permit). Stripe requires this to fulfill their Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations. This means they need to collect and verify information about Stripe account holders to prevent fraud, abuse, money laundering, and other forms of financial crime. More info about this is available on their website. You can enter all this information into your SnappCar profile. Without this information, we can't pay out your bookings. So always make sure your profile is complete, so you can use SnappCar without any issues!


Starting from January 1, 2023, DAC7 is in effect, requiring all operators of digital platforms to collect, verify, and report certain information about their sellers to relevant tax authorities (in the NL: Belastingdienst). Sellers include all users who receive income through a digital platform. In SnappCar's case, it refers to the renters on our platform.

You can read more about DAC-7 on our blog.

If you have questions about whether you need to pay taxes on the income from the bookings, or if you have other questions about this, contact the Belastingdienst or a tax advisor. They can advise you best on how to report your income.


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